Welcome to ShelIsrael.com, my company of one. I ghostwrite books and presentations advise startups on their company narratives.

I have tons of experience related to tech business. Half  my career has been  as a writer and the other half consulting early-phase tech companies.

I’ve written seven books, all of them critically acclaimed and a few of them best sellers in the tech-business category. I’ve also contributed to Forbes, FastCompany, BusinessWeek, Business Insider and BusinessWeek among others.

My PR and communications career began in Silicon Valley, at the legendary Regis McKenna, where Sun Microsystems was my first startup and the one that addicted me the disruption, vision and urgent pace of early-phase companies. Since then I’ve worked with hundreds of companies, launching such world-changing products as PowerPoint, and categories such as desktop mapping and PC Sound and online retailing.

The common thread is in the narrative. I have many credentials on helping executives to tell their stories in pitch competitions, sales meetings, keynotes, media interviews and on their websites.

I have a three-part business plan: Work hard. Have fun. Make money. Very often I get two-thirds of the way there. I am looking for relationships that can help me achieve all three.

Is there something I can do for you? Let’s talk.  shel@shelisrael.com.