I've had a long and passionate affair with technology--the kind that aspires to change the world and sometimes does. Half my professional time has been working with tech clients and the other half writing books and articles about tech that changes work and life.

For the past 20 years, I've mostly partnered with others in writing, consulting, speaking and advising. Now, I am in the home stretch of my career and effective August, 2018, I am flying solo. Welcome to ShelIsrael.com, a company of one. I expect to work hard, have fun, and make money.

I've been around the block so many times, that it is now an oval. I was the PR guy who launched Sun Microsystems. I was on the team that named PowerPoint, and was backstage at the Macintosh launch. I played a role in popularizing the the term social media. I started and ran a Silicon Valley PR firm where we specialized in first launches. I am best known as a writer and a speaker.


ShelIsrael.com offers four services:

  1. Writer.  I write speeches, presentations, white papers and books. (Read More).
  2. Advisor. Everyone who talks with a CEO has their own agenda. Mine is to serve her or his best interests. (Read More)
  3. Qualitative Research. Market Research is a powerful data science. But it misses certain underlying aspects of human behavior. (Read More)
  4. Speaker. I've been well-received as a keynoter on all continents not covered by ice.

Got a question, an idea or something I can do for you?  Contact me: shel@shelisrael.com.