I write. I’ve been doing it for a long time, and I do it well.

I’ve written seven business technology books, all ranking above four stars on Amazon. I’ve contributed articles to Forbes, FastCompany and Business Insider over the past ten years.¬† Nearly 20,000 people subscribe to¬†ItSeemstoMe, my newsletter-blog.

I also write for clients. My projects vary from ghostwriting books for executives, keynote presentation and websites. Usually, I get called in when a CEO is struggling to find the words that express their best thoughts.

How am I different from all the other contract writers–other than I have more experience and credentials? I see three ways:

  1. I write like a journalist, not a content marketer.
  2. I think like a CEO, not a content marketer.
  3. I give away free samples of my work.

If you have a mission-critical communications challenge,¬† please contact me. We’ll set up one hour to talk about your issue. We’ll spend our time solving your problem not hear my pitch. You are eligible for this even if you have no budget for my services. I’m hoping my help will solve that for you.

I can help. Let’s talk.