I help CEOs tell their stories from the very earliest startup phases when they are struggling with pitch decks to the point when they are ready to write inspirational books about their achievements. All along the way I focus on what to say.

Shel IsraelI have a very strong track record going back more than 30 years.

I’m the author of seven critically-praised business books: Six were about disruptive technologies and the seventh was on how to make a stellar presentation. I’ve contributed on the same subjects to Forbes, FastCompany and BusinessInsider among others.

I’ve ghost-written countless CEO keynote presentations and have developed the narrative for hundreds of companies preparing their initial launches.

I think and write like a journalist, not a content marketer. I practice storytelling the way it was used for centuries before it was used as a data collection contrivance, and I practice Communications Strategy based on my belief that a simple story well-told is more valuable to corporate culture and customer trust rather than trying to distract or intrude on your customers and prospects.

I believe that to be a true thought leader you must communicate thought so fundamental and powerful that your competitors will have to agree and follow you.

My clients often find me because they are frustrated: They have great thoughts and world-changing dreams but they just can’t get investors, partners or customers to see what they see. That’s where I come in: I may not have my any world-changing vision, but I am very good with words.

Do you have a great story or a future vision but can’t seem to muster the attention your company and product deserve?

If so, then let’s talk.