What I do best is to take complex stories and simplify them and to make accurate, but boring stories compelling to people who make a difference. I have done this in seven critically praised books, plus over a hundred contributions to ForbesFastCompany and BusinessInsider and other business technology publications. Additionally, over the past 30 years, I have written hundreds of keynote presentations, pitch decks, white papers, initial product announcements and thought leadership articles

Shel Israel

I write like a journalist, not a content marketer and I think more like a CEO then a marketer. I fully understand the power of data-driven marketing campaigns, but still believe that a simple story well-told will build customer trust and loyalty. If you have thoughts that can lead, I can give you the story that others will follow.

Often, the people who come to me for help, are frustrated: they have products  whose value is not appreciated and dreams that other people don’t quite see.  I understand the pain and am good at finding the communications problem which I usually solve in a short period of time.

Do you have a great story or a future vision but can’t seem to muster the attention your company and product deserve?

If so, then let’s talk.