I write. I’ve been doing it for a long time, and I do it well.

I’ve written seven business technology books, all critically praised and ranking above four stars on Amazon. Since 1996, hundreds of my articles have been published on business publication such as Forbes, FastCompany and Business Insider.  I write more opinionated columns on ItSeemstoMe, my newsletter-blog. These are usually also about business and technology but sometimes I get more personal as I did in A Jew’s View of Christmas, or Remembering Charlie O’Brien, about the death of my best friend.

These days, my writing is mostly for clients who contract me either to devise communications strategies or to write their most challenging content, such as ghostwriting their books. keynote presentations, or a news release that explains why their new technologies and products will improve the world.

There are lots of people who offer similar services. I would argue that, in most cases, I have three competitive advantages:

1. I write like a journalist, not a content marketer.

2. I have published over one million words/I am a very experienced professional.

3. I think like a CEO, not a marketer.

I also offer anyone who is interested one free hour of consultation on writing projects or communications strategies. It’s a good way for both of us to understand how it might be if we work together. These conversations also help me better understand the challenges executives face in saying what they need simply, powerfully and memorably.

Do you have a great story or vision but need help articulating?  Do you just want a third-party to give you feedback on an idea?  Are you curious about the business of writing a book?

I can help. Let’s talk.