Welcome to ShelIsrael.com, a company of one. I plan to work hard, have fun, and make some money.

I've had a long and passionate affair with technology--the kind that promises to change the world and sometimes does. A portion of my time is dedicated to advising tech startups, while the remainder is spent ghostwriting books for others.  Additionally, I usually have a book of my own in the works, and I do some speaking, usually as a keynoter.

What ties it all together is the narrative. All the work I do is related to taking technology, products, teams, and visions and weaving them into compelling and memorable stories that help distinguish a company so that people who matter will see their value.

I have tons of experience. I worked for a few elite tech PR firms, and then founded, built and sold my own Silicon Valley PR agency after a 17-year run in which I was involved in over 100 initial product launches by startups. I played senior roles in the introduction of Sun Microsystems, the launch of PowerPoint, the first desktop mapping software, the introduction of PC Sound, and one of the first five online merchants. I wore many hats, but in each case, my primary focus was on helping companies tell their stories effectively.

Lately, I have found a great deal of reward in advising early-phase CEOs to tell their stories and to devise evangelical strategies that excite people who matter.

Got a question, an idea or something I can do for you?  Contact: shel@shelisrael.com.