Shel speakingI love public speaking, particularly as a keynoter. I have done a lot of it over the past dozen years. The theme remains consistent: I talk about new technologies and the impact of various categories of work. It used to be all about social media. More recently, I have addressed Virtual and Augmented Reality and increasingly Artificial Intelligence. The form of work I address depends on my audiences who have represented professions in the Enterprise, Logistics, Intelligence, Healthcare, Learning, Training, and the Military.

My slides are almost entirely visual, often showing short video clips and my narrative is that of a storyteller. Before I speak I try to earn as much about my audience so I can choose stories from my library that are the best suited for what I believe attendees will want to walk away understanding.

These days, almost all my talks are related to Artificial Intelligence and my belief that robots, chatbots and other AI devices should augment people, rather than replace them.

If I sign up as a keynoter, I become part of the event, attending other functions as producer and event planners wish, and perhaps joining a panel or a breakout session.