Anecdotal ResearchTo augment AI-Driven Market Research I use a form of Qualitative Research I learned as a reporter covering the Massachusetts State House. I attended all the new conferences and read all the handouts, but I got the real stories by hanging out in the hallways and nearby taverns where I listened and got questions answered with great candor.

Modern Research today relies heavily on AI-driven data science, which keeps getting better and better as it measures shopping footfalls and patterns with great accuracy. It can spot unlikely relationships to boost sales based on changes in weather, season or time of day. The ability to crunch and quantify the meanings of Data Mountains, amazes me, as does the mistake of overlooking or discounting molehills.

AI today remains clueless about so many things that make us human. It doesn't understand the subtleties of our facial expressions and body language. Enthusiasm, frustration and boredom go mostly undetected.

I use a journalistic approach to Qualitative Research to understand the underlying reasons why shoppers buy or not.  I look for the underlying factors, for why they become loyal to a brand or consider switching. I use my experience to understand facial expressions and body language in ways that chatbots cannot come close to doing.

Instead of observing thousands of people, I talk with 25-50 and get a subjective understanding of their perceptions and shopping experiences. I use journalistic techniques to get the sort of candor I once collected in Massachusetts hallways and taverns.

Then, I write it up in the clear narrative of a business report, making specific recommendations based on what your customers tell me.

I'm looking for an innovative brand that is willing to be my test case in this new approach. Interested? Contact me: