New BookI am researching Augmenting People: Why AI Should Back Us Up, Not Push Us Out. It will be a prescriptive book that argues that people need to remain in the loop in many--if not most--places where robots, chatbots, autonomous vehicles and other AI systems interact with humans. It examines the stark and frightening issue of a world where most people will not have full time jobs. Most governments are ill-equipped to deal with both the economic disruptions and social instability that we are heading toward on our current adoption courses.

I look at a long-standing debate between scientists and thinkers who have been debating since the conclusion of World War 2 how humans and intelligent machines can and should interact. I write it as an advocate of AI Augmentation of people, rather than autonomous replacement.

I self-publish my books using a highly transparent process, engaging Facebook followers and my ItSeemstoMe blog subscribers for information sources, and feedback. Please join in these conversations and help me write a better book.

Augmenting People is scheduled for release in mid-2019. I have already begun to schedule speaking engagements on AI and the Future of Work. Contact me with inquiries.