New BookI have been researching, speaking and writing about Artificial Intelligence since 2012. I believe that AI will shape this 21st century far more than the microprocessor shaped the previous one.  AI will not just change work; it will change the nature of people and their relationships with digital machines.

Much has been written and said about AI eliminating more jobs than it will create, breaking a pattern that has existed for hundreds of years and profoundly altering the human condition.

In this book, I examine the realities of a complex and troubling situation. First, AI is a relentless force on an unstoppable trajectory toward changing every modern business practice, life itself and the relationships we have with machines.  Second, history shows that massive unemployment will lead to social unrest and global economic disaster. This book prescribes solutions to a huge emerging problem and will argue that business will be wise to move sooner rather than later.

I expect publication in Q3 2019. You can help me write a better book by joining my Augment People email community where you can review early drafts and recommend content: Write me at and put ‘Augment Me’ in the subject line.