In 2003, I started my first blog and called it ItSeemstoMe (ISTM), rejoicing to write mostly about disruptive technologies for business audiences. I chose the name, however, because I could, and would, write about anything that seemed useful and interesting to tech-savvy business people.

ISTM led me into a life-changing experience as I followed the world changing phenomenon of social media. In 2006, I co-authored Naked Conversations, a book often credited to legitimizing business use of social media.

I abandoned ISTM, for several years when Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms sucked the air out of the blogosphere. I have restarted it now, because of the tainting of credibility on Twitter and Facebook and because newsletter blogs seem to be rising in interest and usefulness.

It is with joy and hope that I have restarted ItSeemstoMe, where once again, I write on any topic that seems to me is relevant to my tech business audiences.

In its new form, it is a newsletter-blog, and I find great irony that most people choose to read it via old-fashioned email.

I will write here about any and all topics related to disruptive technologies, business and life. Mostly, I cover, the complex, controversial and universe altering subjects of artificial intelligence and spatial computing. I spotlight any company that can empower or disable current enterprises, and the health, education and welfare of people and the planet.

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