ISTM #19: Ghostwriter for Hire


I am about to complete my first ghostwriting assignment, and it has convinced me that this is something I love to do and I’m good at it. If you regularly read my blog or social network posts then you already have some sense of me as a writer and my passions for topics related to disruptive technologies and their impact on business and life.

If you dream of a book that tells your company story, then chances are good that I can help you tell it in a compelling and memorable way. Perhaps you are a good writer yourself, but you don’t have the time to tell it or even organize it: That’s where I come in: I’m good at finding your Author’s voice so that readers will understand your best thinking so that they will regard you as a thought leader.

I am also good at organizing your book, so that all parties understand the point of the book before we actually put your first words on the first page.

My real value-add comes from my experiences in authoring seven books of my own, all of them business books about disruptive technologies. My books succeeded because I spotted early trends and recognized that they would cause confusion and pain for business decision makers. I promise that my readers will walk away, feeling less pain and more opportunity.

If you have a good story and a big dream, I want to be more than just your ghostwriter: I want to serve as your guide through the whole complex process. There are important decisions to be made, such as whether or not to use a traditional publisher or to self-publish. Either way, I have a network of contacts to form the right team for presenting your book.

I also will save you time by performing the legwork, conducting interviews and topical research, finding the right cover designer and content editors.

What am I looking for in a book project partner? First, I want a good story and a clear idea on who needs to hear that story. I want a partner who will invest not just budget by time to make the book something that will improve their business position, but the work and lives of their readers.

If you are interested or know someone who is, then please drop me a line.


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