AdvisorA CEO speaks to a great many people, each of whom has their own special interests. My role is to serve as a sounding board, listen to the CEO and help explore feasible options until she or he is ready to make the right call. I bring decades of experience, not just by working with companies, but also as founder and CEO of my own tech PR firm. This is where I started advising CEOs, simply by having dinners and casual conversations where they would mention issues they were facing, and I shared my own experiences as well as other cases that I had learned or observed that were similar.

CEOs sometimes told me that these one-on-one conversations were often as valuable as the launch strategies and execution conducted by my employees.

Now, I am taking the wisdom I have gathered and offering it to CEOs and executive teams of tech startups, where my experiences in launches and my many industry connections can be valuable.

I'm also a good person to have on your side during a crisis when a company's credibility and ability to move forward depends on quick and credible actions.

Is there some way I can help you in this capacity?  Drop me a line: