New Book

Since 2005, I have written seven books and am working on my eighth. All have been critically acclaimed, and a few have been best sellers in their categories. I estimate that over 200,000 copies of these books are in distribution, and they have been translated into 13 languages.

My books have been required reading in courses taught at Harvard, Stanford, University of Toronto and other respected institutions. Employers have distributed them to employees as required reading, and I have been invited to speak to executives and employees more than 20 times.

Each of these five books, shown below, deals with how technologies will change work and life. All received ratings above four-star  on Amazon. (Not shown are Stellar Presentations, a small book for launching products at tech conferences, which has become dated and The Conversational Corporation, an eBook published by Dow Jones that is now out of circulation. You can see samplings below. I am also working on my eighth book about AI and the Future of Work.

The Fourth Transformation