So They Say…

My storyBack when I was a PR executive, I counselled clients and employees that the best possible communications strategy was to get others to say you are great. I decided to try it for myself and received some very gratifying results. Here’s what  people who have worked with me recently and as far back as twenty years ago have to say about  my abilities to develop company narratives.

—Shel Israel, Writer, Advisor, Nice Guy 


“I recently sat down with Shel over dinner to share the story of my company’s chase to achieve the dream of the hologram. I found him to be a conversation partner that deeply understands the motivations of founders like me through his decades covering the great inflection points of tech — and consequently someone who I trusted to share details of my startup’s journey with. This is the sort of thing that let’s Shel craft stories that are much greater than their technological parts.”


Shawn Frayne CEO & Co-Founder, Looking Glass Factory


“I kept trying to tell our company story and no one seemed to understand what I was talking about. I was getting pretty discouraged when I turned to Shel for help. It was a transformational experience. Shel simplified our presentation and made it exciting. I learned a lot and he is fun to work with.”



Vijay Vaidyanathan, Founder & CEO, Optimal Asset Management


JF Gauthier“We contracted Shel shortly after he announced his book ghostwriting services in late 2018. He was fun, we learned a lot and he showed a great ability to make our stories and messages clear.  I recommend him for any CEO aspiring to demonstrate thought leadership.”




JF Gautier, Founder & CEO, Startup Genome


“When it’s time to put insights about technology into words, you can count on Shel. It’s no coincidence he’s written great books like Naked Conversations, Twitterville, and The Fourth Transformation. And such a nice guy, too.”



Josh Bernoff, bestselling author of 6 books including Writing Without Bullshit


“As we considered go to market strategies, David Smith, my co-founder and I struggled for six months to coherently explain the essence and value of Croquet.  Through three or four intense work sessions with Shel, we not only achieved greater clarity, but are now poised to create and possibly dominate an entirely new product category.”

David Smith, Croquet, CO-Founder & COO


shel+kristi“For our AR and Healthcare webinar, Shel drew on his extensive network of industry insiders to create a meaningful and credible workshop on Healthcare and AR. Through use cases and storytelling, Shel molded our presentation into a cohesive, well-produced product that our attendees found both insightful and useful.  I enjoyed our collaborative meetings and conference calls as we worked together to develop the course. I always felt heard and respected. Shel is a great mentor in bringing out the best in people and letting them shine.”

Kristi Hansen Onkka, Founder & CEO, healthiAR

Mike Boland

“One of the challenges in parsing the business dynamics of emerging technologies is communicating them in clear and concise ways. Shel Israel is a master at doing just that, proven through seven books. The most recent, The Fourth Transformation, proves he can document and convey the finer points on AR and VR transformation. Anyone building narratives or company marketing around these topics should tap into Shel’s rare skills. He will bring your messaging to life.

Mike Boland, President, AR/VR Assoc. SF, Chief Analyst, ARtillry


Keith Newman“I’ve had a long and enjoyable business relationship  with Shel over the past 30 years.  It started when I was Editor of Computer Retail Week (CRW)  the leading trade newspaper for tech retailing, he agreed to ghostwrite a weekly column called ShopTalk for an industry luminary. He created a whole cast of fictitious characters, such as Uncle Maven, a merchant and Aunty Sophie, a shopper. The column was CRW’s most popular-ever feature. Since then, Shel and I have become friends: he’s knowledgeable and strategic and also fun.”



Keith Newman, VP Partnerships at Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center


Dave Selinger“I really enjoyed being interviewed by Shel for his ItSeemstoMe newsletter. His questions were thoughtful and showed insight into our particular industry and technology. I found that by the end of our conversation I was confident his analysis would be unbiased and fair while telling an exciting story about where our differences could really shine. In the future, I’d love to work with him more, go deeper on our product to review the pros and cons of what we do.”


David Selinger, Cofounder & CEO, Deep Sentinel


Ilya Druzhnikov“Shel interviewed me about why Reality VR was potentially important to the business of Immersive Technology. The story he wrote for his newsletter described us far better than I had ever been able to do it. I highly recommend him to and startup CEOs struggling to tell their story in clear and exciting style.”


      —Ilya Druzhnikov,  Founder & CEO, Exit Reality VR


Gary Bolles“From 2001 through 2005, Shel was my business partner and editor for Conferenza Premium Reports, the gold standard tech-business newsletter for tech trends and events. Let me tell you the value of having a former PR icon turned professional writer on your team: Everyone gets hooked by a good story. Shel knows how to help you tell your story better.


—Gary A. Bolles, Partner, Charrette LLC