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About the Fourth Transformation

img_4405Ten years from today, the center of our digital lives will no longer be the smart phone, but device that looks like ordinary eyeglasses: except those glasses will have settings for Virtual and Augmented Reality. What you really see and what is computer generated will be mixed so tightly together, that we won’t really be able to tell what is real and what is illusion.

Instead of touching and sliding on a mobile phone, we will make things happen by moving our eyes or by brainwaves. When we talk with someone or play an online game, we will see that person in the same room with us. We will be able to touch and feel her or him through haptic technology.

We won’t need to search online with words, because there will be a new Visual Web 100 times larger than the current Internet, and we will find things by images, buy things by brands, or just by looking at a logo on the jacket of a passerby. Language will be irrelevant, and a merchant in a developing world will have access to global markets.

Medical devices will cure schizophrenia, allow quadriplegics to walk. People will be able to touch and feel objects and other people who are not actually there for conversations, games and perhaps intimate experiences.

From Kindergarten to on-the-job, learning will become experiential. Children will visit great battlefields and tour historic places in VR rather than read about them in text books. Med students and surgeons will learn and practice on virtual humans rather than cadavers; oil rig workers will understand how to handle emergencies, before the ever leave the home office.

The Fourth Transformation is based on two years of research and about 400 interviews with technologists and business decision makers.  It explains the technology and product landscape on a level designed to be interesting and useful to business thinkers and general audiences. Mostly it talks about how VR and AR are already being used, or will be used in the next one-to-three years. It explains how this massive and fundamental transformation will be driven, not just by Millennials, but by the generation following them, which the authors have named the Minecraft Generation.

Robert Scoble and Shel Israel have written this book in the hope that it will serve as a business thinker’s guidebook to the near-term future. They hope readers will walk away understanding the massive changes rapidly arising, so that they will navigate a successful course through the changes they will be facing sooner than they—or their competitors– may realize just yet.

Advanced Reviewers Love This Book

marylene“Guy Kawasaki said, “some things need to be believed to be seen,” and Robert Scoble and Shel Israel clearly second this opinion in their new page-turner, The Fourth Transformation. The authors ease us from our today’s smart phones to the headsets and smart glasses that expand the dimensions of our brick-and-mortar existence and the social texture of a real-virtual world. They trace this quasi-Darwinian evolution into the worlds of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, that will become pervasive in less than ten years. As early as we may be in The Fourth Transformation, what already exists will blow your mind and make you rethink your biases.” ~ Marylene Delbourg-Delphis, Advisor to the Board at AXON IVY

Michael“The future that Scoble and Israel are predicting (or, more properly, reporting) represents the most radical advance of digital technology since the development of the computer. It’s a future, they argue, that will transform not just our devices, but us and our world. Their sub-title promises it will change everything. Everything. I don’t think that’s hyperbole. The stories they tell are both breathtaking and mind-blowing.” ~ Michael Markman

phil-baker“Whether its four years or ten years away, augmented and virtual reality are clearly going to impact many of the things we do and change how we interact with the world. And it’s sure to make for some amazing video games.” ~ Phil Baker, Tech Columnist & Author

About the Authors

punchRobert Scoble and Shel Israel have been researching, writing and speaking about technology’s impact on the near-term future together and separately since 2005. They are best known for two critically acclaimed, best-selling tech business books: Naked Conversations (2006), which is credited with explaining the business opportunities in social media; Age of Context (2012), that explained how the convergence of mobile, social media, IoT, data and location technologies, would forever change the relationships between businesses, customers and stakeholders

Robert Scoble is Entrepreneur in Residence at Upload VR and among the world’s best-known online tech journalists. He is recognized globally as an early spotter of important technology patterns and trends and is among the world’s most popular tech speakers.

Shel Israel has written six previous books and has contributed to Forbes, Fast Company and BusinessWeek. He has been a keynoted at business and tech conferences on all continents not covered by ice.

Together, Scoble and Israel will continue to work together helping businesses find their way into and through the Fourth Transformation now starting.

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