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Me by KamiSpeaking.

I spend a lot of time talking to people in technology and business about how the forces of mobile, social media, sensors, data and location technologies are changing just about everything.

I’ve written more than two million words over the last dozen years on these subjects. What I have seen and shared have allowed me the thrill of speaking all over the world to audiences on five continents in diverse professions and lifestyles about these changes and what they mean.

I speak as I write. Tell stories about people and technology and how change is coming and how people and businesses need to adapt in the near term. I select stories that can amuse audiences and occasionally scare them, but always explaining the lessons that can be learned and the course adjustments that should be considered.

No two of my presentations have ever been identical. Instead I reshape each talk to adjust to the audience and what I have learned that will be the most interesting to them.

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