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Lethal Generosity is the concept that by treating your customers with kindness and giving them highly personalized experience, companies will absolutely screw competitive efforts to hijack them.

It is the sequel to Age of Context, my 2013 book with Robert Scoble. While that book essential examined and reported on the convergence of technology forces, this new book examines the convergence of that technology with the first generation of digital natives.

Instead of just looking at technology, this book is filled with anecdotes and analysis of how businesses are succeeding by rapidly adopting the new technologies at a very rapid rate.

Available as a paperback, for Kindle or as an audio book, Lethal Generosity is available at Amazon.




Foreword: Is Your Business Ready?

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Introduction: Power Shift

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Chapter 1: Lose to Gain

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Chapter 2: Why Millennials Matter

  1. Millennials expect everything to be available on demand.
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Chapter 3: Keiretsu Networks

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  25. Summit Series Protects Vital Ocean Habitat with Bahamian MPA
  26. Elliott Bisnow brings other young entrepreneurs together in Summit Series

Chapter 4: Uberize Some Things

  1. About Jeremiah Owyang
  2. Crowd Companies on the Web
  3. Collaborative Economy Honeycomb 2.0
  4. Occupy San Francisco
  5. Airbnb versus hotels: Room for all, for now
  6. Airbnb Drops Homejoy From Cleaning Trial, Handybook Remains On In Three Test Markets
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  8. Concur & Airbnb: Bringing the Sharing Economy to Business Travelers
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  10. Innovative Getaround, Assurant Specialty Property Partnership Capitalizes on Popular ‘Sharing Economy’
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  12. Near Me Helps Brands Join The Sharing Economy
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  14. Coca-Cola and Will.i.am’s 3D printer uses recycled bottles as filament
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Chapter 5: Location, Location

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  7. Hamas official: we were behind the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers
  8. Cellphone data spying: It’s not just the NSA
  9. Amazon Prime Air
  10. Burrito Bomber — truly the world’s first airborne Mexican food delivery system.

Chapter 6: Beaconing Customers

  1. Retail Sales Worldwide Will Top $22 Trillion This Year
  2. Retail stores become shipping hubs to battle Amazon
  3. Online Vs. In-Store Shopping Trends: What Drives Consumer Choice
  4. BEACONS: What They Are, How They Work, And Why Apple’s iBeacon Technology Is Ahead Of The Pack
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  6. Struggling malls to fall further behind in 2015- outlook
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  22. American Airlines pilots BLE beacons in Dallas
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Chapter 7: Beyond the Lighthouse

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  2. Meet the Data Brains Behind the Rise of Facebook
  3. Mobile Context Aware Technology To Revolutionise App Economy, Driving 7.5bn Contextual Apps By 2019, Finds Juniper Research
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  5. Drone footage of Kings arena construction progress
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Chapter 8: The Contactless Marketplace

  1. Downtown App
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  3. TabbedOut
  4. MICROS Simphony
  5. Didier Godart
  6. How Secure Are Contactless Payments?
  7. Jason Oxman Bio
  8. Apple Pay
  9. Samsung closes Wallet to make way for Samsung Pay mobile payment service
  10. Apple Pay Will Hit Best Buy Stores in 2015
  11. Lending Club
  12. Brett King
  13. Sub-Saharan Africa biggest hotspot for mobile wallets
  14. Sub-Saharan Africa Is Mobile Money Hotspot, Global Findex Report Shows
  15. Nearly $1.7 Trillion Passed Through Kenyan Mobile Phones Last Year
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  17. Mobile Money Could Bring an End to Sub-Saharan Africa’s Financial Inclusion Troubles, Finds Frost & Sullivan
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  27. Blockchain Use Cases: Comprehensive Analysis & Startups Involved
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Chapter 9: Human-Centered Design

  1. Purple Cow by Seth Godin
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  3. User Centered Design Don Norman on YouTube
  4. Apple’s Mac market share tops 5% with over 30% growth
  5. Mac Hits Market Share Milestone in U.S. (What Post-PC Era?)
  6. Mac and Chromebook sales erode Windows PCs’ retail share
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  9. The Apple team behind the original iPhone recalls its stressful, terrifying development
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  17. Without Much Fanfare, Apple Has Sold Its 500 Millionth iPhone
  18. iPhone 6 sales boost Apple profits to stratospheric levels
  19. Worldwide Active Smartphone Users Forecast 2014 – 2018: More Than 2 Billion By 2016 [REPORT]

Chapter 10: The Road to Pinpoint

  1. R/GA Is No. 10 on Ad Age’s 2014 Agency A-List
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Lethal Generosity is based on a single important premise: The kinder you are to your customers, the more it will screw your competitors.

This book is the sequel to Age of Context, my best-selling book with Robert Scoble. While the former book focused on the disruption of contextual technology, this new work reports on how that technology is changing customer experiences in retail environments. It is intended for business decision makers, particularly marketing and communications professionals.

While Age of Context reported on the people and companies pioneering disruptive mobile, social media, data, location and sensor technologies, Lethal Generosity tells you about the early business adopters who have taken these technologies into retal businesses as well as other public-facing enterprises such as airports and train stations, concert halls and stadiums.

It explains how these technologies are shifting influence away from sellers and toward customers who are now influencing each other more than most branding campaigns can do. It explains how customer experience now trumps brand trust when it comes to sales and explains why and how this can be good for businesses.

Lethal Generosity talks a lot about the importance of Millennials — the first generation of digital natives—as customers, employees and competitors and helps older decision makers understand why and how to embrace them on all fronts.

You’ll learn about the concept of Pinpoint Marketing, where technology can be used to personalize marketing to all customers on a global level at a cost that is far lower than traditional strategies and is far better received by customers and prospects. Order it today in the the version you want: as a paperback to carry, Kindle version to read on your devices, or listen to our audio version in the car, on the run or while working if you’re a multi-tasker.